Bonnie KeenWelcome to my little corner of the world. I love God and believe we see His heart in the face of Jesus. The rest I leave to the work of His Spirit in each human heart. 

This side of heaven, my heart has been crushed, mushed up, mixed up and turned up side down. I throw no stones at anyone. I am the worst of sinners, saved by the blood of Christ. Still I believe. In ALL things, He alone is able. He is my hope. He is Redeemer.

I grew up being told I could not use music or theatre, writing or the arts to connect with others about my faith. Over the years God has over-ridden this edict by placing me flat smack in the middle of varying platforms of the arts: recording, acting, and in varying aspects of the Western Culture’s performance arena.

With all honor to God, with evidence of love by the work of His hands, I invite you to investigate what I might bring to your circle of work in this world. Honestly, for me nothing else is worth my effort but what moves the soul, whatever the condition, but to know love and be loved by Jesus. In His Name; to His glory, broken and redeemed by His work, by the Son, may I speak hope to the hopeless.

Tall girl hugs from Tennessee.

“Blessed, happy, to be envied and spiritually prosperous-with life joy and satisfaction in God’s favor and salvation, regardless of their outward conditions are the poor in spirit, the humble, who rate themselves insignificant, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven!” Luke 5:3