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beauty-marks, the only thing that lasts are people

“You can give without loving, but you cannot love without giving.”  Amy Carmichael

only people last.

all of us make a mark in a million different ways, in a million different directions.

beauty-marks.  beauty will mark.

it's autumn in Tennessee and leaves are making a slow turn this

year into the glory colors.

the trees around the farm smile a little knowing I truly hate it when those branches go naked:  'We're about to be bare for a

few weeks...don't fret... stop worrying about winter....all will be well. We'll be right here making it with you, a bit cracked and shivering through the cold. Not going anywhere, right? Roots run pretty deep, yes?'

i have "Scarlett' now, my first magnolia tree. i've shamelessly reminded her that the reason she’s planted next to my sanity porch is because magnolias promise to spread ever green even on the grey January days ahead.

this winter i may be a tree hugger. so be it.

this time of year makes me crazy nostalgic. thinking about the people who last and live on in my bones.

thinking about the gorgeous, brilliant-gifted-fierce artist/mother/wife/grandmother/mentor/friend Toni Foglesong pictured above.

thinking about how much she taught me about the physicality and psychology of the human voice. around that piano in that photo she poured out rich from her years of experience and performance knowledge.

her leaves fell permanently into my young mind and heart.

beauty marks

Toni's beauty marked leaves now fall from me into younger students who look at me over the piano with eyes full of questions.

just seems right today to post my a new blog in honor of Toni.

like "Scarlett" the magnolia she is green with roots running deep. i am one of the lucky ones who carry her around every day in those millions of ways she marks this world.

to Toni with love from one beauty-marked tall girl

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