God Loves Messy People

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"Singer/songwriter Bonnie Keen explores how God forgives, accepts, and -- through His incarnation in Christ -- completely understands our sometimes confusing, troubled lives.

Bonnie knows messy. When her marriage ended, she experienced intense feelings of unworthiness, anger, helplessness, and loneliness.

Now she writesabout hope.In When Life Gets Messy..., Bonnie offers evidence of God's relentless love using illustrations from her life, the stories of others, and the lives of biblical figures like David.

Readers will find potent reminders of God's constancy as they explore...
-- Why too late isn't in God's vocabulary
-- Surrendering the controls: why our strength isn't sufficient
-- The Perfect Understander: Jesus as God with skin on Him
-- Daily joy: how to be on the lookout for His love
-- Infinite grace: extending the Lord's compassion to hurting peopleFor anyone who struggles with the inevitable messiness of life in a fallen world, Bonnie's fresh voice and thoughtful examination of the forever love of God will be a source of new renewed faith and joy.